My Soul and My Music


Troy Public Library
510 W Big Beaver Rd.,Troy, MI 48084  (248) 524-3538

Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 2 pm.  

Composer Jaroslaw Golembiowski in Lecture-recital

My Soul and my Music. Different aspects of my Musical Soul


Study Op.42 No.14
Autumn Op.42 No.25

Prelude Op.8 No.1
Prelude Op.8 No.2
Prelude Op.8 No.10

Fountain Op.19 No.3
Waltz Op.19 No.10
Short Romanza Op.19 No.6

Study Op.39

Mazurka 1987
Mazurka Op.101

Moorish Dance Op.57
Blues Op.44

Two O’clock at Lake George
Three O’clock Waltz

The Last Eight O’clock
Nine O’clock Prelude
Minuet at Ten O’clock
Study Op.59

In this lecture recital you will hear what does it mean to be a postmodern composer. You will learn about his pieces written for students, special events and pieces written from the need of writing them down. You will experience radical conservatism and not so radical modernism.
You will be hypnotized with mosaic based on simple five-finger position and dehypnotized with dissonant intervals.  Jaroslaw Golembiowski is a composer of over 100 works for piano, choir, chamber orchestra and full orchestra. His recent premiere was Gloria Op. 95 (dedicated to Pope John Paul II) performed by Silesian Opera Choir during 2008 mega concert in Jasna Gora, commemorating 325 anniversary of Battle Of Vienna – 1683. His piano music  (released on CD -New Music-New Pianist) has been recorded in 2001 by Adam Golka (2008 Gilmore Young Artist).

He studied composition in Poland with “cult” composer Zygmunt Herembeszta. Golembiowski is a member of Polish Composers’ Union. Currently divides his time between teaching piano in Chicago area and promoting his music through lecture – recitals, He organizes special event concerts for The Chicago Chopin Society and The American Council for Polish Culture